This Spring, Grill With Wood Like Your Ancestors Did — And Also Get Some Smart Tech In There

Charcoal isn’t the only burning hot fuel on the block.

The OG cooking method for us humans was over wood — and wood grilling is making a comeback.

And though scrumptious, we’re not just talking s’mores and potatoes.

We’re talking about a smoked pomegranate lemonade cocktail, grilled sriracha salmon with avocado pineapple salsa, or a reverse seared NY strip steak.

A return to the basics of cooking with wood means that modern grills can give you much more than hot dogs and burgers.

Traeger Grills, famous for its smart wood pellet grills, actually hosts a litany of recipes, including the obvious paleo variant, but also recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, or just overall healthy.

And yeah, fine, here’s the list of wood burning grill-sourced cocktails you’re definitely most interested in.




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