The Avo as The Hero

The Avo as The Hero

At one stage avocados suffered the same fate as those groovy avocado coloured tiles and appliances did once the Sixties and Seventies were over. They simply fell out of flavour.

Sales of the avocado went into a decline thanks to the myth that, because they are high in fat, they would make the people who ate them corpulent. Fast-forward a decade or two and the little green fruit has made a huge comeback.

Avo toast broke the barriers of Instagrammable foods a few years ago when more than 100,000 #avotoast posts pushed it to the forefront of foodie trends.

Eating avo and avo toast became the millennial thing to do. The only downside to the avo, it seems, is its cost in supermarkets – particularly when out of season.

The world’s first all-avocado concept restaurant – The Avocado Show – opened in De Pijp in Amsterdam in 2017 and has been doing a roaring trade ever since, with queues every day to enter this temple to the humble avo.

It gained global notoriety thanks to its “avocado burger” – a beef patty with bacon, salad and melted cheese, placed between two halves of an avocado.

The Avocado Show became the place to visit and to take pictures to post to Instagram.



The Avo as The Hero


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