How Healthy Is Your Dog?


I expect many of you are familiar with the term “a dog is for life not just for Christmas” but are you familiar with essential dog food facts?

Is Your Dog Your Life Long Friend?

A vast majority of dog owners see their faithful companions as lifelong friends, but did you know that the food you give your dog on an every day basis can inadvertently be a big contributor to both poor health and a shorter lifespan.

Just as with humans a healthy diet is important for long term health, but this is even more important for our canine friends, indeed facts have shown that the right dog nutrition is a direct contributor to both good dog health and longevity.

Are You Feeding Your Dog Correctly?

In other words feed your dog right and help them live longer. Unfortunately and sad to say many people are blissfully unaware of the contents of the diet they are feeding their trusty companions on a daily basis.

Although most people don’t really investigate the contents of their pets food there are some facts that all dog owners should be made aware of for example: were you aware that many cheaper (and some more costly) varieties of dog food contain high levels of what are known as “by products”?

By Product, What Are They?

So what are by products? Well. By products is an all encompassing phrase and they often consist of ingredients that are considered “not fit for human consumption”!

Because, it is considered some dog food ingredients are not in themselves dangerous, they are harmful. And, if not all dog owners would be appalled if they were to find out just what these by products really consist of.

Research would also show that by products can and often do include other “waste” animal parts!

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for. But, I think in this instance if you knew what you were paying for we wouldn’t buy it!

So what do you do if your budget does not stretch to large quantities of fresh meat?

For the sake of your dogs health and longevity at the very least before you feed your faithful companion his next tin of dog food, try to find out exactly what the ingredients in your dogs food really are.

Once you do, I can guarantee you’ll never see a tin of dog food the same again. Also if at all possible, avoid food with higher (or any) by product content and give your dog a good healthy diet that you can afford to ensure they will live long and be as healthy as possible.


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