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Fruits For Diabetics

Though the diabetics are at the mercy of high fiber source in their food intake, eating low sugary fruits for diabetics can keep normal range of sugar levels. Any foods containing natural dietary fiber, and other high glycemic ingredients can be helping the diabetics to keep balanced digestion. As such, the foods consumed are burnt to energy with ease. Eating fruits for type 2 diabetes can also lessen the cravings for sweets with artificial sweeteners.

You have here 3 good fruits for diabetics as major concern though there are many fruits. These three are high in antioxidants helping to prevent ‘break down’ of beta cells and regenerate insulin production.

Oranges and apples for diabetics

Apples and oranges are rich in fiber component along with fructose as fruit sugar. An apple of medium size can help the diabetics keep check on blood sugar levels from sudden shooting up and creating problems.

Eating one full apple daily can be supporting the diabetics to turn back from visiting their doctor to take treatment for blood glucose in the blood cells. Both apple and orange are good antioxidants to control diabetic sugar.

Also, the apple can perform additional role if the same is consumed with skin. Some people threaten that the sweet sugar contained in these fruits are to raise the blood sugar levels in the bloodstream.

But the fact is that the sugar or glucosin is natural and not synthetic based like cane sugar. So, it is highly recommended to consider apple and orange to eat to control sugar in the body. As such, the recommended fruits for diabetics are 1 apple and 1 orange daily to control blood sugar.

Grapefruit for diabetics

If you eat 50 grams of pure grapefruit after meal, you can control sugar spikes when diabetic. If the handful of grapefruit is mixed with grapefruit powdered fiber, the effect will be surprising in sugar control. But any fruit squeezed to juice form cannot be so effective compared to whole fruits. Grapefruits have beneficial impact in controlling or managing diabetes.

Miscellaneous list of fruits for diabetics

You have also an additional list of fruits for diabetics to eat. The list includes pears, apricots, guavas, avocados, blueberries, and pomegranates.


Any fruits recommended for diabetics taken on empty stomach are likely to increase blood glucose levels steeply. This is due to the fact that there is the absence of dietary protein or fat to give protection from natural “fructose” getting into the blood cells immediately and exclusively. Remember that eating healthy fruits for diabetics is best suggested after meals. The quantity of fruit you are consuming is also important to consider.

Are you ever born to develop diabetes? No, start to learn to control your blood sugar its not difficult. If you want to learn to become an expert in the matter then do more research, you should keep up with Diabetic Foods what to Eat AND what Foods to Avoid.


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