Can You Do the Keto Diet on Sun Basket?

Can You Do the Keto Diet on Sun Basket?

ike a lot of folks, I work to keep my weight down. I’ve found a lot of success with the keto diet, which relies heavily on protein and cuts out a lot of carbohydrates. It works for me, but it can be hard to find recipes and meal plans that work with my diet.

So I decided to try Sun Basket, a popular subscription meal plan with lot of keto-friendly recipes. Their meals are made from organic produce and high-quality, sustainably sourced, clean meats and seafood. With a plan offering three recipes a week for about $11.99 per serving, it was also good for my wallet. (Their Family Plan—two, three or four recipes per week for a family of 4—is only $10.99 per serving.)

Sun Basket - Packaging (1) Sun Basket

Sun Basket recipes cover a wide variety of “food tribes,” including Paleo, Carb Conscious, Mediterranean, Lean & Clean, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Diabetes-Friendly and Quick & Easy. With 18 new recipes a week it never gets boring. And Sun Basket just added a new line of 5-minute salads that are perfect for cooks on the go.

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I selected my recipes for the week and, in a few days, I received a chilled package filled with fresh ingredients and attractive, easy-to-follow recipe cards. (I hate wasteful packaging, so I was glad they used minimal packaging and its made from recycled paper.)



Can You Do the Keto Diet on Sun Basket?


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