Can Vegan Diets Help Hashimoto’s?

Can Vegan Diets Help Hashimoto’s?

I like to call myself diet “agnostic,” as I don’t think that there is one diet that’s perfect for everyone, and I don’t have a dietary plan that I feel dogmatic about. I often joke that my ideal diet (the Spring Break 2000 diet) would largely consist of croissants, mojitos, margaritas, rosé wine, and Tiramisu cake. Unfortunately, my body has other opinions on diet!

When I began my own healing journey and started experimenting with different diet protocols, I quickly realized that nutrition had a significant effect on my ability to heal from Hashimoto’s. I learned a great deal through trial and error, but also spent a lot of time researching (you know me!) to find the best ways to reduce my symptoms through the food I was eating.

These days, I am frequently asked, “What is the best diet to heal Hashimoto’s?” Though I don’t subscribe to the “one-diet-fits-all” mindset, I have learned that most people with Hashimoto’s feel better and see a reduction of symptoms when eating.  I think I’ve figured out why…

I hear from a lot of different readers who are following different diets for various personal reasons. One such diet is the vegan diet. The following question often arises: “Are vegan diets beneficial for Hashimoto’s?”


In this article, I’d like to address:

  • Do vegan diets work with Hashimoto’s?
  • What nutrient deficiencies need to be addressed with vegan diets?
  • How should vegans use supplements?
  • Are there precautions for transitioning to a diet that includes meat?
  • How do you know if your diet is working for you?

What Does a Vegan Diet Look Like?

Vegan, or plant-based, diets have become more popular in recent years as more of us are becoming aware of the problems with factory farming and animal mistreatment, the negative effects of large-scale farming on the environment, and the proven health benefits of adding more whole fruits and vegetables to one’s diet.


Can Vegan Diets Help Hashimoto’s?


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