3 Paleo Diet Myths

There are a good deal of misinformation out there in the traditional dietary space, however these are the top 3 dietary myths which are harmful to your health, and need to be exposed.1. Whole grains are healthy. Grains, can wreak havoc on your whole body for a number of reasons. Grains not just spike insulin levels and are over absorbed, but they lack density, and might be intestine inflammatory and annoying in nature. The charge has been led by our societys overconsumption of grains and foods to our state of illness and epidemic obesity.

What about grains? Whole grains are considered heart and healthful, nevertheless they might be inflammatory in nature and provide little to no value. They also contain phytates which are considered inflammatory nutrients while grains contain fiber and a few vitamins and minerals instead of refined grains. The phytates in grains binds into the minerals such as zinc and calcium, making them unusable by your system. Whole grains also contain problematic proteins, like gluten, that have the skill to produce gut irritation and inflammation. Since 70% of the resistance system resides in the intestine, this is alarming. There is A gut that is healthful an Immune system dont forget this! – These problem causing proteins may compromise the integrity of the intestine by enabling these proteins that are entirely intact to enter the blood circulation.

This creates a gut lining. This isn’t good considering that also allows for foreign pathogens, toxins also undesirable food particles to violate safety and get into the blood stream as well. When any of those undesirable toxicity substances enters the blood stream, it can stimulate an immune reaction which leads to inflammation. The effects of this type of inflammation may show up as anything from allergies, joint pain, eczema also depression to chronic illness conditions like various autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, also ulcerative colitis. According to preventative cardiologist Dr. William Davis wheat intake causes heart problems.

2. Soy is a health food.

No it isnt. The foods industry has spent a fortune attempting to convince us that soybean is healthyhmmmmaybe because they’ve a vested interest in making us to believe this. Soy is among the largest crop produced at Americaits up there right next into corn. Soy is typically genetically modified and exposed to large amounts of pesticides\/herbicides. Soy is a money maker.its inexpensive and it’s utilized in tons of unhealthy foods and by the junk food industry. You’ll find soybean in approximately 60% of unhealthy foods and a 100% in fast foods. You can find soy in meat substitutes, bagels, bread, chocolate, dairy substitutes, margarines, protein bars\/powders, tofu, vegetable oil, soy milk and many other processed and packaged food.

What else does soybean have going for it? 3. Wellsoy contains phytoestrogens that can disrupt the endocrine system and bodily hormone balance.


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