What Are Fat Bombs?

What Are Fat Bombs?

The term fat bomb is probably the last thing you’d expect to be associated with a diet, but welcome to keto. As most human beings with eyeballs know by now, going keto means adhering to a low-carb, high-fat diet and it’s officially evolved in the last year from epilepsy-treatment to celebrity-endorsed diet trend. Since the standard program for a keto diet is made up of at least 70 percent fats, it can be difficult to up your fat intake in a healthy way while minimizing carbs. And that’s where fat bombs come in.

First off, what is a fat bomb? Think of it as an energy ball the size of a ping pong ball for the keto compliant. Ranging from sweet to savory, there are a whole bunch of recipes out there. Salty recipes commonly use cream cheese, avocado, or eggs as their base, and sweeter ones. They all use ingredients like coconut oil or coconut butter.

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For Vivica Menegaz, who runs the keto-paleo blog The Nourished Caveman, fat bombs are the perfect way to help beginners incorporate more fat in a nutritious way.

“A lot of people come from low-fat diets,” says Menegaz. “So they start keto and they have no idea how to incorporate fat, especially in healthy ways that aren’t just piling on butter.”

Sahil Makhija of Headbanger’s Kitchen agrees. “Fat bombs are great for people who struggle to fit ‘fat’ into their meals,” he says. If trying to add enough butter or other sources of fat into recipes gets overwhelming. The fat bomb helps aid them in eating more fat without struggling through a fatty meal.”


What Are Fat Bombs?


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