Paleo vs Keto: Here's how to tell which is right for you

Paleo vs Keto: Here’s how to tell which is right for you

Image: Instagram @lukehinesonlineSource:BodyAndSoul I haven’t always been in the best of shape, having struggled with my health as an overweight teenager, as an adult I am always looking to strive for the best in what I eat, how I move and ultimately how I feel. Growing up I wasn’t particularly sporty, nor did I quite understand how best to eat with so many conflicting ideas and methodologies out there. Which ‘diet’ or way of life was going to turn my health around? So having given what feels like every trick in the book a go, I settled very firmly on the Paleo principles. Which at its core is a back-to-basics approach for removing gluten, dairy, refined sugar and focusing on the most nutrient dense foods available to me. Five years on this way of life has certainly enabled me to live my best life.

Even though a Paleo approach to life has served me incredibly well, I have begun to implement a Ketogenic approach. That’s right, you might think that word sounds familiar because there has been a great deal of hashtags being thrown around lately. The Keto approach is gaining great momentum, and for very good reason. Which is why I have designed a 100% Keto Protocol when undertaking Luke Hines 10.
So, here is the big question…

What’s the difference between Paleo and Keto, and how do you know which protocol is right for you? […]


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