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Cook With Amber

“Cook with Amber” by Amber Kelley

Fifteen-year-old Amber Kelley is inspiring a whole new generation to get into the kitchen and start cooking. This cookbook features 80 of Amber’s most popular and delicious recipes to inspire teens to learn how to cook.

“Cali’flour Kitchen” by Amy Lacey

This cookbook is designed for people across a dietary spectrum, providing guilt-free recipes for people with dietary restrictions. The 125 recipes are vegan, dairy free and perfect for keto-, paleo- and plant-based diets.

“The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen” by Sean Sherman

This cookbook, named the best cookbook of 2017 by NPR, shows you how to make boldly seasoned food from ingredients found in the good old USA. Think venison, rabbit, river and lake trout, duck, quail, turkey, blueberries, sage, wild turnips, plums and parsnip.


“The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle” by Leslie Connor

Mason has felt the sting of classmates’ taunts and the local police chief’s suspicion of his possible involvement in a friend’s tragic death. However, Mason’s amazing spirit and self-deprecating personality serve him well. When Mason’s new friend goes missing, he is determined to help find out what happened and show everyone he has been telling the truth all along. A powerful, tender read in which Mason stands out as a shining example for us all.

“Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster” by Jonathan Auxier

In this book set in 19th century England, author Auxier weaves an unforgettable tale of fantasy and historical fiction. When little Nan Sparrow becomes an orphan, she begins the thankless and filthy job as a chimney sweep. At the hands of a ruthless chimney sweep overseer, she finds herself in extreme peril — stuck in a ghastly chimney. What would have been a tragedy instead becomes a heroic tale with Nan, a loving Golem monster and the people in her town who have their eyes opened to the truth of the lives and deaths of chimney sweeping children in their midst.

“The Boy Who Went Magic” by A.P. Winter

Buckle up for a grand adventure full of mystery, magic and over-the-top fantasy. When a number of unfortunate magical events result in young Bert being in a peck of trouble, along comes Finch, a metal-legged girl with a spirit of epic proportions. This adventurous team finds themselves on a journey to find the lost land of Ferenor. “The Boy Who Went Magic” is a highly imaginative tale with pirates, steampunk gadgets and more.


“Everything’s trash, but it’s okay” by Phoebe Robinson

Comedian and New York Times bestselling author shares essays about her life that encourage readers to laugh at her life and laugh at their own lives. Addressing topics like our society’s obsession with work, dating in the modern age and 21st century beauty standards, Robinson gives a fresh perspective on modern life and reminds us all how important it is to keep a sense of humor.

“The Bookshop of Yesterdays” by Amy Meyerson, available in large print

Miranda practically grew up in her uncle’s bookstore, but after he had a falling out with her mother when she was 12, she never saw him again. Sixteen years later, she is shocked by the news that her uncle left the bookstore to her, though it’s on the verge of bankruptcy. It’s up to her to sort out the mess in the stacks and save the bookstore.

“Leave No Trace” by Debra Granik, DVD

Will and his teenage daughter, Tom, peacefully enjoy their lives off the grid in the forests outside Portland. When they are discovered living illegally on public land, the two are forced to integrate into society. Despite their struggles to adapt to society, they find modern life still lacks much of the serenity they enjoyed in the woods


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