Genetics – Compatibility Of Paleo Recipes Diet With Modern Human

Paleo Recipes Era: A time from the mid 70’s of last century when there was a first discussion on the topic “paleo recipes” started by a gastroenterologist, which was further adapted and argued by many other famous writers and authors.

Paleo Recipies
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The words which were quoted by those authors and writers about paleo recipes were; “The diet eaten by ancient people in Paleolithic period was very simple and was in its pure form.

Well Groomed Health

This was the secret of well groomed health of those people. The reason behind, “How that simple diet could be such beneficial that there was no concept of disease”; was the foodstuffs used by them and inclusion of highly important energetic elements in those foodstuffs which are compulsory for the better internal growth.

But when the Paleolithic era ended (almost 10,000 years ago) and development of agriculture went to its boom, some new eatables were introduced in the form of oil and dairy products.

Great Health Foods

The taste of those food items was delicious as well as these were also rich in providing good health but people, as usual, made the mistake to leave old foods, paleo recipes, which were mostly consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, roots, seeds, nuts, wild plants and animals and shifted their diet to the new introduced dairy and oil products.

Consequently their health was gone down gradually and there was no more disease proof statement about them.

What About Diary Products?

This was difficult to understand that if all the things are made for human being and they should also use them then what happened to the people when dairy and oil was used by them?

This question was answered later in 19th century when a research was done and this was discovered that in those countries where milk or dairy is used in excessive quantity there are more bone fractures because milk contains tremendous quantity of calcium which is not so much beneficial if used in additional amount.

This means that oil and dairy products are not bad in their selves but people used them in an unmannered way that this was considered that these items should be prohibited.

Are You Having Diet

If there could be a balanced use of oil and dairy products in addition to the other food items like fruits and vegetables then our health can be to the near to the health condition like ancient people had.

In relation to the last paragraph, the question had arisen by the people that how the diet can be eaten by us in the same form in which it was utilized by our ancestors?

What About Wild Plants?

The diet consumed by those ancient people was mostly consisted of wild animals and plants and foods in their primary form so there could be a difficulty to consume and digest them.

The above question was raised by those people who were not well aware with the paleo food at all and also by those people who were new to that field and was in need of pure and accurate information so that they can evaluate paleo recipes and can be able to decide that are they going to continue with their old diet or they should adopt the new legendary diet?

What Is The Benefit Of Paleo?

The answer is simple to the last question which will surely clear the term paleo diet to all the people who are new or want some beneficial information about the diet.

We humans are actually genetically adapted to our ancestral diet because they were our forefathers. But in last 10,000 years when there was dawn of agriculture, that agricultural development has merely changed our consuming power which means that we are now not the same as our forefathers were and we cannot eat the food in the same form too as it was eaten by ancient people.

So, there was a concept given by the people that we cannot use the some food as by ancient people but we can utilize similar food because we are genetically adapted to it.



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